Klaps! 50 Twarzy Greya

Adresa ul. Marszałkowska 56, Warszawa
Štítky Dráma
Web miesta www.teatrpolonia.pl
Dĺžka 120 min
Réžia John Weisgerber
Premiéra 2014

Hrajú: Magdalena Lamparska, Marta Walesiak, Mateusz Damięcki

The European premiere of the show, which is very popular in America. Art referring to “Fifty Faces of Gray” by E. L. James – the most famous world reading for women. The most women in the world have read this mocked and neglected book, in the US in the first three months the novel has sold 20 million copies! J. S. Blair, I. M. MacIntyre, J. A. Millan, S. A. Moran, C. J. Munch, A. M. Scheffler, I. P. Whalen wrote a play which is a subtle mockery from this book and from this kind of literature. On the stage, we meet the author of the book and two characters created by her, who argue with the author about their images and the advantages of intellect and character. Musical performance, with great songs.



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