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Dirty Disco Rock Praha 6, Potrvá 12. 3. 2015 19:30 Dirty Disco Rock


Dirty Disco Rockers  Steps Forward  Dirty Disco Rockers – Steps Forward 4:55 5 ×
Dirty Disco Rockers  Lifemess  Dirty Disco Rockers – Lifemess 4:09 96 ×
Dirty Disco Rockers  Bangladesh (live)  Dirty Disco Rockers - Bangladesh (live) 6:05 91 ×

Info o Dirty Disco Rockers

A Slovakian band with a delightful abbreviation of the name, DDR (it is likely that only people who remember that Germany once was divided into two) combines electronic music with live play and transforms it into a varied musical medley. The band’s music reflects influence of such styles as drum and bass, funk, and noise rock. A distinctive feature of the Dirty Disco Rockers is projection of video footage produced by the band.

DDR have had numerous concerts in Slovakia, Prague and Budapest. They appeared as an emerging act also at Slovakia’s most important festival, Pohoda 2011. The band released the debut EP Lifemess in 2009; the second studio album is planned for the second half of this year.


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