Dieter Nuhr

Kabaret, Komédia, Stand-up comedy, Show Nemecko
S Dieter Nuhr


Dieter Nuhr  Nuhr Am Nörgeln  Dieter Nuhr - Nuhr Am Nörgeln 2:00:50 1 ×
Dieter Nuhr  Ich Bin's Nuhr  Dieter Nuhr – Ich Bin's Nuhr 45:23 1 ×

Info o umelcovi Dieter Nuhr

Dieter Herbert Nuhr is a German cabaret artist, comedian, author and presenter. His first solo program _Nuhr am nörgeln! _ Was first released in 1994. Since then he has written numerous other solo programs, made a name for himself in the German comedy landscape and has presented several renowned comedy events. Today, Dieter Nuhr is one of Germany’s most successful comedians/cabaret artists.


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