Dezerter + Pochwalone

Adresa ul. Purkyniego 1, Wrocław
Štítky Punk, Rock, Folk, poetry
Vstupné PLN 39–60

Dezerter and Pochwalone will play on February 22nd in the Gothic Hall of Stary Klasztor.

Dezerter is a punk rock band, which was formed in Warsaw in May 1981. The group adopted the then provocative name SS-20 (derived from Soviet rockets with nuclear warheads), which it was forced to change during martial law. Already as Dezerter, the band recorded the single Ku przyszłości (1983). In 1985 two compilations with Dezerter’s songs were released: Fala and Jak punk to punk. In 1987, Maximum Rock’n’Roll released Dezerter’s first full-length album Underground Out Of Poland and the first (censored) album in the country - Kolaboracja. 1989 was another album - Kolaboracja II and in 1990 - Wszyscy przeciwko wszystkim. (published in Poland and France) and a two-month route through Western Europe (Switzerland, Germany, France, the Netherlands) and Japan.

Pochwalone is an eclectic radical fem-power-jazzy-punk. They play in the trio: bass, drums and vocals. So far they have used texts traditional folk texts and poetry of contemporary Polish poets, now they also use foreign language poetry. They are constantly talking about what women are concerned and what affects them. A community of experiences, rebellion for generations, powers, impotence, fun and sadness. New meanings at the crossroads. Musically diverse: chad and lyrical, fast and trance, screaming and melodically – now more punk and trance beat than folk.

Vystupujúci umelci

Punk, Rock, Folk, poetry


Dezerter  Nienawiść 100%  Dezerter – Nienawiść 100% 3:19 34 ×
Dezerter  Nic się nie dzieje  Dezerter – Nic się nie dzieje 3:39 18 ×
Pochwalone  Nie taka  Pochwalone – Nie taka 3:52 21 ×
Pochwalone  Fora fora  Pochwalone – Fora fora 2:41 9 ×



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