Denovali Label Night

Adresa Gerichtstraße 35, Berlin
Štítky Elektronika
Vstupné 18 €

The label Denovali focuses on excentrical and unconventional sound cultures that form an opposite pole to mainstream pop. The artists of the label move hereby in a wide field of genres between electronica, drone and leftfield-techno. Therefore, the label has been internationally acclaimed and acknowledged.

The Denovali Label Night in November 2018 combines two album release concerts, of Elektro Guzzi and Ricardo Donoso. Furthermore, Wælder and Ricardo Donoso present special A/V performances while Paco Sala gives her first concert in Germany for many years.


  • 18:00: Paco Sala
  • 19:00: Wælder
  • 20:00: Ricardo Donoso
  • 21:00: Elektro Guzzi

Vystupujúci umelci

Veľká Británia, Nemecko
Elektronika, Experimental, Ambient, Lo-Fi
Nemecko, Rakúsko
Elektronika, Experimental, Pop, Ambient, Electronica, Lo-Fi
USA, Brazília
Elektronika, Ambient


Paco Sala  Ko Yo  Paco Sala – Ko Yo 3:20 0 ×
Wælder  Kwer  Wælder – Kwer 4:41 7 ×
Ricardo Donoso  Chemical Structures  Ricardo Donoso - Chemical Structures 9:08 32 ×
Elektro Guzzi  Achse Dachse  Elektro Guzzi – Achse Dachse 4:05 12 ×

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