De Phazz

Elektronika, Trip hop | De Phazz was founded in 1997 by German producer Pit Baumgartner as an open band project. The name De Phazz stands short for 'Destination Future Jazz' and comes from co-founder Haluk Soyoglu. Behind it is the idea that every album is a journey to a different music planet and genre. De Phazz gained popularity among others through their radio hit The Mambo Craze from their second album Godsdog.

the mixture of electronically synthesized sounds and various instruments were defining for the musical style of the band from the very beginning. The Phazz use elements of dub, jazz, soul, trip hop, latin, drum and bass, ambient and R&B and also features of turntablism are included in their music.

Since the release of Detunized Gravity and Godsdog, De-Phazz have appeared on the radar of listeners of equally innovative and sample-driven jazz by the likes of Amon Tobin and The Cinematic Orchestra.

Most of the band's albums are released parallel as a CD and LP. Their live concerts convince with plays with light and color, projections and dance performances.

The lineup of artists varies for every new album. Some regular members are Barbara Lahr, Karl Frierson and Pat Appleton.

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