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Klubnacht: Amotik + AnD + Dax J + more Berlin, Berghain / Panorama Bar so 28. 9. 2019 23:59 Klubnacht: Amotik + AnD + Dax J + more
Electric Marmalade Shake: Alicia Hush + Andrea Fiorito + more Berlin, Club der Visionäre pia 22. 2. 2019 22:00 Electric Marmalade Shake: Alicia Hush + Andrea Fiorito + more


Dave Aju  Crazy Place  Dave Aju – Crazy Place 4:00 0 ×
Dave Aju  With You  Dave Aju – With You 5:00 0 ×
Dave Aju  Tapatio  Dave Aju – Tapatio 6:00 0 ×
Dave Aju  Roundabout  Dave Aju – Roundabout 5:00 0 ×
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Info o umelcovi Dave Aju

Bay Area-born Marc David Barrite aka Dave Aju is a reliable name for fresh and inimitable electronic music, a balancing act of deep knowledge and passion for dance music history of the past, with a fearless, forward-thinking approach to production and performance.

A diverse range of influences can be heard in Aju’s unique sound – from an immersive jazz upbringing via his father, a peer of Pharaoh Sanders early on, his dedicated underground hip-hop MC years, dance floor origins at South Bay latino house clubs, techno leanings of the SF rave scene in the 90s, to even contemporary R&B and neo-soul and the outer realms of experimental post-rock and musique concrète, always imbued with a warm, handmade sonic twist and solid sense of rhythm owed to his roots as a dancer.

Dave Aju’s original works, remixes, DJ sets, and live performances have blessed selective labels, clubs, and festivals across the globe and championed by many like-minded peers.


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