Darwin Deez

Miesto Bi Nuu
Adresa U-Bhf. Schlesisches Tor, Berlin
Vstupné 19 €
Web miesta www.binuu.de

Are there any real hippies left? If so, then Darwin Deez is one. The shaggy-haired frontman of the band with the same name grew up in South Carolina. His parents were followers of the Indian guru Meher Baba, to whom The Who dedicated a musical homage, Baba O’Riley. Meher Baba was silent for 44 years because true love needs no words. His last sentence before going silent was turned into a world hit by Bobby McFerrin: Don’t worry, be happy. This philosophy has also influenced Deez. Love, and do what you want, is the law. Be original, but true and brilliant. And above all: do not forget humor.

Doors: 19:00

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Darwin Deez  Radar Detector  Darwin Deez - Radar Detector 3:19 82 ×
Darwin Deez  Constellation  Darwin Deez - Constellation 3:00 58 ×
Darwin Deez  Bad Day  Darwin Deez - Bad Day 3:06 36 ×
Darwin Deez  Up In The Clouds  Darwin Deez - Up In The Clouds 3:39 26 ×
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