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Dapayk  Bionz  Dapayk – Bionz 5:44 2 ×
Dapayk  Songs Make Money  Dapayk – Songs Make Money 1:36 0 ×
Dapayk  Naughty Broken Drums  Dapayk – Naughty Broken Drums 5:01 0 ×
Dapayk  Tyffaniecell  Dapayk – Tyffaniecell 5:13 0 ×
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Info o umelcovi Dapayk

It all started out with an old PC and a borrowed synthesizer. When Dapayk, alias Niklas Worgt, at age 15 first started playing around in his own studio it soon became his second home. Obsessed with the idea of bringing together his favourite music styles from the early 90ies in his productions, his journey led him from Drum’n Bass to House and finally to Techno. Playing ping pong with all those different styles and the fact that he wasn’t willing to commit to just one of them, led to the typical Dapayk sound: groovy, edgy and different.

In 2001 he founded his own label Mo’s Ferry Productions, which reflects his sound: a melange of Minimal, Electronica and Breakbeat. With releases on Mo’s Ferry Prod. and other labels such as Stil vor Talent and Herzblut Dapayk has proven his up to dateness for over two decades. With more than ten LP releases and over 50 single releases under his belt, he is one of the main protagonists in the world of electronic music. In 2005 he founded the sub label Fenou as a playground for experimental House followed by Rrygular in 2006, a platform he created for a more reduced Techno sound. In 2009 DPK was added to the label family wich serves a clean timeless sound and is also known for delivering collector’s items with its coloured limited vinyl.


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