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Daniel Deluxe  Star Eater  Daniel Deluxe – Star Eater 4:40 30 ×
Daniel Deluxe  Breakout  Daniel Deluxe – Breakout 3:45 3 ×
Daniel Deluxe  King Cyborg  Daniel Deluxe – King Cyborg 4:11 1 ×
Daniel Deluxe  Night Stalker  Daniel Deluxe – Night Stalker 3:33 1 ×
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Info o umelcovi Daniel Deluxe

Inspired by videogames, horror movies and anime from the 1980′s and early 90′s, Copenhagen based producer Daniel Alexandrovich, who goes by the stage name Daniel Deluxe, started his music career in late 2013. The minimal style of hard hitting kicks, dark basslines and a touch of french electro made Daniel Deluxe a well known figure in the electronic subgenre known as synthwave. Born in Moscow, Russia, Daniel has always had a keen eye for space exploration and a science fiction/cyberpunk atmosphere. As a kid, a lot of time was spent in the old soviet space museum located in Moscow. Still to this day, Alexandrovich draws a lot of inspiration from that time in his life, by mixing the visual memories into sound, something portrayed perfectly in his track Star Eater, released on New Retro Wave (NRW Records) back in 2015. Part of Alexandrovich’s artistic philosophy is that his music is a personal expression of observations, experiences, emotions and visual interpretations of a rather dark universe. Heavily inspired by bands like Lustmord, Burzum, Prodigy, John Carpenter, Enigma, Justice and Daft Punk, Daniel strives to perfect his sound, and become a successor of the artists whom inspired him to create music. In early summer of 2017 Daniel Deluxe performed live at the Amsterdam synthwave event 1984 Night Arcade as part of his Corruptor Tour. Because this live performance was a big success, Urban Road Records boss Joel Hiariej asked him to perform live again at the Amsterdam Dance Event Edition of 1984 Night Arcade joining the likes of Timecop1983, Waveshaper, Robert Parker & Dj Devereaux 85.


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