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Kraków, ICE Kraków Congress Centre 25. 5. – 30. 5. 2021 Cinematic Piano: Daniel Bloom

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Opole Songwriters Festival 2020 Opole, WBP w Opolu 28. 8. – 29. 8. 2020 Opole Songwriters Festival 2020


Daniel Bloom  Addicted  Daniel Bloom – Addicted - feat. Tomek Makowiecki 4:31 16 ×
Daniel Bloom  Heartbreakers  Daniel Bloom – Heartbreakers - feat. Tomek Makowiecki 9:50 6 ×
Daniel Bloom  Lasting  Daniel Bloom – Lasting 1:32 10 ×
Daniel Bloom  Hungry Ghost  Daniel Bloom – Hungry Ghost - feat. Jon Sutcliffe 5:48 8 ×
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Info o umelcovi Daniel Bloom

A musical anarchist, a mood specialist. Composer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist. Author of the award-winning soundtrack for the film Tulips </ i>. Daniel Bloom proves that great music can be done consistently following his own artistic path. Bloom’s musical past is a trip through various sounds. He started on drums in a punk band, made sound for the Polish Radio Theater, played keyboards, founded two bands, composed film and advertising music. Using his work experience in the best musical studies, he founded his own – Two Minutes Elsie Studio.


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