Czech Ukulele Festival 2018

Adresa Rýznerova 19/5, Únětice
Štítky Pop, Hudobné, Folk
Vstupné 250–1800 Kč

The 6th Czech Ukulele Festival will take place between Friday the 27th of July and Sunday the 29th of July 2018. This year will be the first event of its kind in the world, the Ladies' Edition will showcase mainly female performers and we are expecting great things.

The first day of the festival will be our traditional ukulele day trip, this year we go by train to the magnificent medieval town of Kutná Hora where we will play alongside the amazing cathedral of Saint Barbara. Expect the usual fireworks and summer fun at this wonderful location. Saturday and Sunday will be in the Village of Únětice on the outskirts of Prague, where we will present a full two day program of workshops and concerts, many of the workshop are held in different parts of the village while the main event is in the brewery located in the centre of the village.

This year the program will include children from the local school, a women’s group from the village, and acrobatic ukulele duo, the Mersey Belles, Ukulele Troublemakers, Les Poupées Gonflées, Elis Mraz, the fantastic Bad Mouse Orchestra, Elke & the Cool Girls, Sam Brown, newcomer Zoë Bestel, Zee Avi, the outstanding Tricity Vogue, Gerald Ross and being topped by the return of the much loved Honoka & Azita from Hawaii.

Uplynulé akcie

Únětice, Únětický pivovar ne 29. 7. 2018 11:45 Sunday's Workshops from 11:45 AM
Únětice, Únětický pivovar ne 29. 7. 2018 10:30 Sunday's Workshops from 10:30 AM
Únětice, Únětický pivovar so 28. 7. 2018 12:30 Sobotní workshopy od 12:30
Únětice, Únětický pivovar so 28. 7. 2018 11:30 Saturday's Workshops from 11:30 PM
Únětice, Únětický pivovar so 28. 7. 2018 10:15 Saturday's Workshops from 10:15 AM
Kutná Hora, Chrám svaté Barbory pia 27. 7. 2018 11:30 Trip to Kutná Hora: Elke & The Cool Girls + Les Poupées Gonflées + more

Vystupujúci umelci

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Pop, Jazz, Rock, Contemporary music
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Pop, Klasická, Crossover


Honoka & Azita  Misirlou (live)  Honoka & Azita – Misirlou (live) 3:18 82 ×
Tricity Vogue  Whip Out Your Instrument  Tricity Vogue – Whip Out Your Instrument 2:25 25 ×
Zoë Bestel  For You (live)  Zoë Bestel – For You (live) 6:56 28 ×
Mersey Belles  I'll See You in My Dreams  Mersey Belles – I'll See You in My Dreams 2:01 19 ×
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