CTM Festival 2019: Cocaine Piss + 700 Bliss + More

Adresa Am Wriezener Bahnhof, Berlin
Štítky Techno, Elektronika, Rock, Punk, Experimental
Web miesta www.berghain.de
Koná sa v rámci CTM Festival 2019

More than 1500 excerpts only seconds long from feedback sounds of hardcore pieces are the base for the composition I Just Can’t Avoid the Void in Avoid by Tim Tetzner. Since more than 40 years, hardcore punk subcultures deliver the sound to express anger and dissent towards mainstream in society. With his piece, Tetzner explores the steady power making this continuity possible.

Caliph8 & Nonplus unite polyrhythmic beats and sharp breaks to a hybrid of hip-hop, dub and noise. For more than 20 years, Caliph8 has been a central figure of Manila’s underground.

700 Bliss is a duo by Moor Mother and DJ Haram. Their debut Spa 700 unites Haram’s unmistakable lo-fi productions and Moor Mother’s challenging political lyrics.

In the tradition of punk, Cocaine Piss count on simplicity, raw energy and nihilistic humor. Singer Aurélie Poppins and her three companions blow the audience away with cheeky-gruff vocals, rumbling bass and shattering guitar riffs.

After the live sets at Berghain the event will continue more club-oriented at Säule. noctilucents and label co-founder Kilo Vee bring the uncategorizable sound of Genome 6.66 Mbp from Shanghai to Berlin.

The New Yorker Ani Klang releases on Ininite Machine. Her sound experiments with a mixture of fast beats, distorted sampls and avantgardistic sounds as well as hammering basses.

Entrance with CTM 2019 and Connect Festival pass (+Gold) or with presale ticket. 18 years and above.

Vystupujúci umelci

Rock, Punk, Crust
Pop, Elektronika, Ambient, Experimental, Synth, cloud rap, ambient folk


700 Bliss  Cosmic Slop  700 Bliss – Cosmic Slop 3:25 2 ×
Caliph8  Offset Negative 27  Caliph8 – Offset Negative 27 6:49 2 ×
Caliph8 & Nonplus  Live Set  Caliph8 & Nonplus - Live Set 49:50 3 ×
Cocaine Piss  Happiness  Cocaine Piss – Happiness 2:22 77 ×
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