Umenie a design, Nové média | Established in 2011, Berlin’s Creamcake have been at the forefront of platforming arts, music, and discourse focused on the cultural and social impact of digital technologies. In their practice, Creamcake question prevalent patterns of thought and behavior, creating a new space for action and reflection, and approaching digital change with a fundamental openness and flexibility.

Founded by Anja Weigl and Daniela Seitz, the promoter and label have worked with a wide range of artists who went on to redefine contemporary electronic music, including Arca, Chino Amobi, Elysia Cramption, and Eclair Fifi. Beyond club parties, Creamcake provides a real space forum for artists to share ideas and collaborate, from workshops to lectures and exhibitions. In 2015 Creamcake hosted their first 3hd Festival, which has since become a vital part of Berlin’s art calendar.

From the beginning, 3hd Festival and Creamcake have been places where women and queer artists are actively encouraged to participate and all genders work together on an equal basis.

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