COI – Class of Interpretation

COI – Class of Interpretation

Adresa U Akademie 4, Praha
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Class of Interpretation: a cooperative educational project initiated by Thyssen Bornemisza Art Contemporary and the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Class of Interpretation (COI) is a unique program from the perspective of intellectual production and educational form, with an emphasis on the mediation of art and critical thinking manifest through constant interpenetration of the academic environment and museological practice.

This five-year educational program invites some of the most renowned international thinkers to Prague. In its first year, the program starting in October 2018, offers around 10 public events in two semesters (2018/2019), led by artists, philosophers, theorists, historians, and scientists from all over the world as well as the Czech Republic, including the program leaders Boris Ondreička (Curator at TBA21 Vienna) and Václav Janoščík (Lecturer at AVU Prague).


Zadaj názvy zastávky alebo ulice, odkiaľ chceš vyraziť a nájdi si najlepšie dopravné spojenie.

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