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Music Infinity: Bvddub + Bruno Sanfilippo Praha 3 – Žižkov, Palác Akropolis pia 1. 2. 2013 19:30 Music Infinity: Bvddub + Bruno Sanfilippo


Bruno Sanfilippo  Surreal Sense  Bruno Sanfilippo – Surreal Sense 16:04 1 ×
Bruno Sanfilippo  Oniria  Bruno Sanfilippo – Oniria 5:43 0 ×
Bruno Sanfilippo  Piano improvisation  Bruno Sanfilippo - Piano improvisation 9:37 15 ×
Bruno Sanfilippo  Piano Textures 2  Bruno Sanfilippo - Piano Textures 2 5:18 88 ×
Bruno Sanfilippo  Piano Textures  Bruno Sanfilippo - Piano Textures 5:03 96 ×

Info o umelcovi Bruno Sanfilippo

Bruno Sanfilippo is a classically trained musician and composer, living in Barcelona. He graduated from the Galvani Conservatory in Buenos Aires with a degree in musical composition. His focus alternates between the exploration of minimalist piano concepts and electro-acoustic music. He is obsessed with the search for new and unique qualities in music – the amazing, the magical and the deep. In dreams, there’s no imagined thing that’s too absurd, too strange, and Bruno Sanfilippo’s music comes from that inexhaustible and shameless source.

During 2016, he has made soundtracks for feature films and has performed live on stage and in festivals across the world. Live performances usually consist of performing improvisations on the piano, sometimes with strings, or even as electronic music.


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