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S Brécy


Brécy  Mamma Mia (Český Lev 2008)  Brécy – Mamma Mia (Český Lev 2008) 2:17 67 ×
Brécy  Swingovka at Silvestr s Andělem (live)  Brécy – Swingovka at Silvestr s Andělem (live) 3:15 57 ×
Brécy  Chvastoun  Brécy – Chvastoun 5:02 97 ×
Brécy  Asi asi + Payback (Český lev 2008)  Brécy – Asi asi + Payback (Český lev 2008) 3:39 37 ×

Info o umelcovi Brécy

Voiceband crying is composed of thirteen Breco + one Luke. Members of the vocal group singing practically since little. First it was the children’s choir with adequate, varied repertoire, then already in the chamber group devoted especially sacred music from the Middle Ages to the Baroque period and now stand out with the main concert program Ethnopopmix, a world and pop arrangements.


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