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Berliner Unterwelten

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The Berliner Unterwelten e.V. researches and documents the historical context of Berlin’s underground. In 1997 it was founded as an association of people from all walks of life. There were academics (architects, historians, lawyers, art historians, economists, city and regional planners, students of all disciplines), but also craftsmen, judicial officials, teachers, pensioners, police, students and many others. Each of them can, must, and should bring in their own individual skills and talents to help this ambitious project get started. Because with the research focus of the Berlin underground, the club has obviously encountered a hitherto largely fallow terrain. This is also reflected in the very good response to the guided tours and seminars offered by the association as well as the books written by club members, some of which have already appeared in multiple editions.

For his services in monument protection, the club received on 13 November 2006, the Silberne Halbkugel. It is the highest award awarded in this area in the Federal Republic of Germany. In June 2017, the Berliner Unterwelten e.V. celebrated its 20th anniversary. In the summer of 2018, the club had about 500 members.

The seat of the association is the air-raid shelter in the southern part of the Gesundbrunnen underground station (U 8), which also houses the Berlin Underworld Museum. Here and in other club rooms, members meet regularly for presentations by their own experts, external speakers or film contributions. Also on the Gesundbrunnen is the club archive and the library, in which the members of an extensive range of books available.


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