Belzebong + Sunnata + Tankograd

Adresa ul. Zgierska 26A, Łódź
Štítky Metal, Stoner Metal, Sludge Metal, Doom Metal
Vstupné PLN 40–50

Belzebong, Sunnata and Tankograd at a joint concert in Łódź Magnetofon.

Belzebong have become a part of the audience’s consciousness with their uncompromising approach to music, as well as the smoke-screen that shrouds this mysterious band. From their first release, Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves through the EP _Dungeon Vultures EP to the 2018 release of the album Light the Dankness, Belzebong are known for their uncompromising riffs and doom sound – after all, they are inspired by Black Sabbath. On the other hand, during the concerts they present experiences that go beyond the limits of consciousness. Light the Dankness is an album containing all the important components of the genre – the album was very well received both in Poland and on foreign markets. However, the most important is the fact that Belzebong captured the essence of stoner.

Sunnata (Sanskr. emptiness) has been consistently and continuously building its position, starting from the debut Climbing The Colossus in 2014. Combining sounds full of weight and dark psychedelia with restless, harmonious vocals, the band creates a unique and trance sound, described by the media as “ritual heavy music”. Their second, monumental album Zorya (2016) has definitely increased their recognition, and the latest release Outlands (2018) has drawn more “ritual” from “heavy”, consciously crossing genre boundaries and adding more psychedelia to take the listener into areas full of melancholy and emptiness. Since its release, Outlands has been noticed by important media both in Poland (e.g. Metal Hammer, Noise Magazine) and abroad (e.g. Decibel Magazine, Cvlt Nation). The reason for the growing interest is the repeatedly emphasized unique character of the band, combining grunge, doom, psychedelia and a bit of progression and evoking associations with the work of Alice In Chains, Yob, or Tool.

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Metal, Stoner Metal, Doom Metal
Metal, Stoner Metal, Sludge Metal
Metal, Black Metal, Doom Metal


Belzebong  Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves  Belzebong – Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves 30:02 28 ×
Belzebong  Greenferno  Belzebong – Greenferno 46:12 5 ×
Sunnata  Orcan  Sunnata – Orcan 5:01 106 ×
Sunnata  Asteroid  Sunnata – Asteroid 3:41 37 ×



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Presunuté: Lej Mi Pół Łódź, Magnetofon so 14. 11. 2020 19:00 Lej Mi Pół

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