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Just + Bára Zemanová & Band Plzeň, Plzeňský Prazdroj 18. 8. 2016 19:00 Just + Bára Zemanová & Band
Bára Zemanová & Band Plzeň 3 – Jižní Předměstí, Amfiteátr OC Plzeň Plaza 10. 8. 2016 20:30 Bára Zemanová & Band
Bára Zemanová & Band + HakMak Praha 9, Modrá vopice 6. 5. 2016 18:00 Bára Zemanová & Band + HakMak
Bára Zemanová & Band + HakMak Praha 9, Modrá vopice 14. 1. 2016 19:00 Bára Zemanová & Band + HakMak
Pilsner Fest 2015 Plzeň, Plzeňský Prazdroj 3. 10. 2015 14:00 Pilsner Fest 2015
Pillow Fight + Bára Zemanová & Band Plzeň 3 – Jižní Předměstí, Buena Vista Club 19. 9. 2015 20:00 Pillow Fight + Bára Zemanová & Band


Bára Zemanová  Kde jsou  Bára Zemanová – Kde jsou 3:12 172 ×
Bara Zemanová  Sílu mi nech  Bara Zemanová – Sílu mi nech 3:11 92 ×

Info o umelcovi Bára Zemanová & Band

Bara Zemanova & Band is a pop-rock group around singer and finalists of the 3rd Czech Idol series, Bara Zemanova. Bara have passed before a competition a few bands even after the occupation of the fourth partition in CHS is still holding rock music.

In 2007, she recorded their debut album with producers Rozjetej train Honza Krizek and Vojta Říha from the famous Blue Effect. In autumn 2007, won the Breakthrough of the Year in a poll Czech Nightingale Mattoni and second place in the poll board for selling debut of the year. The band has a 4-year behavior for large and small festivals in the Czech Republic and two tours as a group Matahari. Bara sang several duets with the band as UDG, Rybičky 48, with Jan Toužimským, Petr Benda, Xindl X and three years she performed in a rock opera Antigone, where she played one of the main roles. – Translated by Automatic service


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