Author & Punisher + Lingua Ignota

Miesto Pogłos
Adresa ul. Burakowska 12, Warszawa
Štítky Experimental, Elektronika, Metal, Noise, Drone Metal, Industrial Metal, Death Industrial, Neoclassical Darkwave
Vstupné PLN 50–60
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Author & Punisher will be promoting his newest release Beastland in Pogłos. The musician will be supported by the experimental Lingua Ignota project.

Author & Punisher is an experimental project of Tristan Shone from San Diego, California, he creates music combining doom metal with industrial and drone music and using his own constructed instruments. Studying sculpture at the University of California, Shone began building sound machines of his own imagination, noisy inventions resembling factory equipment inspired by industrial automatism and robotics. When creating new devices and projects, he used his experience, while he connected industrial automation and robotics with elements of a completely different optics, emphasizing… the erotic dimension of interaction with the instrument.

Lingua Ignota, the solo project of multidisciplinary artist Kristin Hayter, takes a radical, unflinching approach to themes of violence and vengeance in ways that are moving, brutal, and harrowing. Her music is intentionally situated at specific and strange intersections, incorporating elements of power electronics, death industrial, and black metal alongside baroque classical, spiritual minimalism and folk. Relentless intensity and soaring dramatic arcs are informed by Hayter’s background in classical music, and the major sonic locus of the project is her voice, a dynamic entity that rushes from unhinged screaming to lilting soprano to angular belting. She is notorious for confrontational live performances that can leave an audience breathless or in tears.

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Elektronika, Metal, Noise, Drone Metal, Industrial Metal, Doom Metal
Experimental, Elektronika, Noise, Death Industrial, Neoclassical Darkwave


Author & Punisher  Nihil Strength  Author & Punisher – Nihil Strength 3:35 49 ×
Author & Punisher  Boiler Room Berlin (live)  Author & Punisher – Boiler Room Berlin (live) 45:42 26 ×
Lingua Ignota  All Bitches Die (All Bitches Die Here)  Lingua Ignota – All Bitches Die (All Bitches Die Here) 12:23 69 ×
Lingua Ignota  For I Am the Light (And Mine is the Only Way)  Lingua Ignota – For I Am the Light (And Mine is the Only Way) 5:07 67 ×



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