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Brutal Assault 2019 Jaroměř, Pevnost Josefov 7. 8. – 10. 8. 2019 Brutal Assault 2019
Der Weg Einer Freiheit + Celeste + more Praha 5, Futurum Music Bar po 8. 4. 2019 19:00 Der Weg Einer Freiheit + Celeste + more
Furia + Thaw + Au-Dessus Praha 5, Underdogs' Ballroom so 31. 3. 2018 20:00 Furia + Thaw + Au-Dessus
Au-Dessus + 30,000 Monkies Warszawa, Hydrozagadka po 30. 10. 2017 20:00 Au-Dessus + 30,000 Monkies
Au-Dessus + Postcards From Akrham + ROSK Kraków, Klub Zaścianek ne 29. 10. 2017 18:00 Au-Dessus + Postcards From Akrham + ROSK
Au-Dessus + Postcards From Arkham + Above Aurora Poznań, U Bazyla so 28. 10. 2017 19:00 Au-Dessus + Postcards From Arkham + Above Aurora


Au-Dessus  Au-Dessus - I 9:15 29 ×
Au-Dessus  Iii  Au-Dessus - Iii 6:36 10 ×
Au-Dessus  Au-Dessus - V 6:33 2 ×

Info o umelcovi Au-Dessus

If the term post-black metal ballads with a slightly hard to shoegaze emotivnějším singing, you’d better take this category right now. Au-Dessus probably won’t drop before bedtime. On the contrary, at the right time can always be omitted reams of negative energy, which certainly will not let you delve into the landscape of the dreaming. Probably never.

Although Lithuanians are hiding under their youthful faces, they certainly have enough courage to drift from the established černokovových. From mail genres take only what they fit a distinct gradation and valivou strength in the slower parts. And when you have a moment after some Pats soul tremolo, it is only because, you soon hit the ground the dissonant chords, not unlike those of grandmasters Deathspell Omega. Rhythmic complexity and long conceptual compositions while at the Au-Dessus, Sir, but even this more direct approach works very well. Their debut album, krátkohrající be it living and drugs. – Translated by Automatic service


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