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Loop: youANDme + Ark3r + Sebastian Paiza Praha 1, U Bukanýra pia 14. 8. 2020 23:00 Loop: youANDme + Ark3r + Sebastian Paiza
Daylight 2020 Praha, Divadlo VILA Štvanice 17. 7. – 18. 7. 2020 Daylight 2020
Ark3r + Matysku + Tomko Praha 3, Vlkova 26 so 18. 1. 2020 20:00 Ark3r + Matysku + Tomko
Ark3r Praha 3, Vlkova 26 pia 20. 12. 2019 22:00 Ark3r
Hirose: David Jach + Anic + ďalší Praha 1, U Bukanýra so 7. 12. 2019 23:00 Hirose: David Jach + Anic + ďalší
Zimmer Frei: Ark3R + Lillou Praha 1, Swim so 30. 11. 2019 22:00 Zimmer Frei: Ark3R + Lillou


Ark3r  (live)  Ark3r - (live) 1:06:07 204 ×
Ark3r  (live)  Ark3r – (live) 1:35:12 62 ×
Ark3r  (live)  Ark3r – (live) 1:14:07 15 ×

Info o umelcovi Ark3r

Ark plays since 2003. After the adoption of various audio experiences, sucking inspiration and several personal meetings with DJ equipment and studio moved it to play new projects such as Dantz resonant rec and attractiveness of open space in the limelight techhouse minimal scene. Most often it will meet in Prague clubs like Palace Akropolis, Crossclub, Rock Cafe, Roxy, Chapeau Rouge, Swamp, Buccaneer and its regular events called Arcade and BE AT: to co-label with Beef Records. Ark’s main inspirations are the stars of today techhouse minimal scene as Tom Clark, Niko Schwind, Frivolous, Guti, Sascha Breamer, Lee Jones, Martin Buttrich, Luciano, Format: B, Hobo, Butch and others. Since the influence of these talented producers and partly depends on his playing style, which combines fun especially with gradations in euphoria for instant mixes and variety of rhythms and sounds. In his submissions, in addition panoply of foreign elements encounter a whole range of styles, tech-house and minimal.

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