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S Antez

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Radio Punctum: Antez + Aloïs Yang + more Praha, Punctum pia 19. 4. 2019 20:00 Radio Punctum: Antez + Aloïs Yang + more
Antez Warszawa, MÓZG Warszawa št 11. 5. 2017 20:30 Antez
Phill Niblock + Antez Poznań, LAS so 6. 5. 2017 20:00 Phill Niblock + Antez

Info o umelcovi Antez

The roots of this performance is to play the sympathetic resonance of the room structure, individually sculpted according to its architectural singularity, and which the plot of the show remains permeable to the immediate moment, using exclusively acoustic methods of production and governed by motions which implicate the full motor capabilities of the body.


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