Amanda Palmer

Adresa Náměstí Republiky 3/4, Praha 1
Vstupné 918–1163 Kč
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Performer and musician Amanda Palmer will return to Prague on 26 September 2019. In March, she will release an expected album titled There Will Be No Itermission, which she produced through the independent English publishing house Cooking Vinyl. The album comes in light of Palmer’s collaboration with producer John Congleton and her work with singers Anna Calvi, Lana Del Rey, and the band Sigur Rós. The co-author of the Onguitars website states: “This is the most sincere album that I’ve ever written” … “it carries records of my personal tragedies, of course, but also a record (and love letter) about this time, about our common worries and the wounds that we receive from all sides when we communicate honestly and without fear.”

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Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel  Rainbow's End  Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel – Rainbow's End 7:11 139 ×
Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel  Beyond the Beach  Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel – Beyond the Beach 3:31 67 ×
Amanda Palmer  The Angel Gabriel  Amanda Palmer – The Angel Gabriel 4:06 146 ×
Amanda Palmer & Jherek Bischoff  Everybody Knows  Amanda Palmer & Jherek Bischoff – Everybody Knows 6:30 84 ×
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