Alice Phoebe Lou

Alternatíva/Indie, Folk JAR
S Alice Phoebe Lou

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Berlin, Lido pia 4. 6.  20:00 Alice Phoebe Lou
Berlin, Lido so 5. 6.  20:00 Alice Phoebe Lou
Warszawa, Niebo str 8. 9. Alice Phoebe Lou
Praha 1, Lucerna Music Bar ut 9. 11.  21:00 Alice Phoebe Lou

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Alice Phoebe Lou Berlin, Marienpark so 22. 8. 2020 15:00 Alice Phoebe Lou
Alice Phoebe Lou Internet, Streamed event pia 26. 6. 2020 19:00 Alice Phoebe Lou
Alice Phoebe Lou Berlin, Festsaal Kreuzberg pia 8. 5. 2020 22:30 Alice Phoebe Lou
Alice Phoebe Lou Berlin, Funkhaus Berlin so 7. 12. 2019 20:30 Alice Phoebe Lou
Halfway Festival 2019 Białystok, Opera i Filharmonia Podlaska pia 28. 6. 2019 20:00 Halfway Festival 2019
Primavera Sound 2019 Barcelona Barcelona, Parc del Fòrum 30. 5. – 1. 6. 2019 Primavera Sound 2019 Barcelona


Alice Phoebe Lou  Galaxies  Alice Phoebe Lou – Galaxies 5:10 115 ×
Alice Phoebe Lou  Skin Crawl  Alice Phoebe Lou – Skin Crawl 2:36 84 ×
Alice Phoebe Lou  Something Holy  Alice Phoebe Lou – Something Holy 4:52 67 ×
Alice Phoebe Lou  She  Alice Phoebe Lou – She 4:58 136 ×
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Info o umelcovi Alice Phoebe Lou

She has played festivals such as SXSW and TEDx Berlin. She started as a foreigner without home, but has made it to the top German and Austrian iTunes music genre charts.

At the age of 16, Alice made her first journey to Paris. Inspired by watching fire dancers, she began to perform likewise to get enough money to fund her travelling. She made a breakthrough in here career when she moved to Berlin. The freedom of the city was intoxicating and she immersed herself in the creative world there. As a matter of fact, when she came to Berlin, she made one euro playing with fire here. Once, she asked a street performer if she could play a song on his guitar. She only knew how to play “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” but that did the trick. Her voice caught the crowd’s attention and the guy got a couple of euros for the performance. She exchanged fire for a guitar and her street performances started to gain more and more attention. She started collaborating with acoustic, jazz and electronic musicians; including Italian Matteo Pavesi who quickly became Alice’s live performance companion Alice and Matteo play a mix of folk, blues and electronic music, inspired by the likes of Patti Smith and Portishead. In 2014, she released the Momentum EP and in April 2016 her debut Orbit came out.

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