Akshaya Krishnamoorthy: Touch Me! Touch Me Not?

Adresa Bělohorská 1421/92, Praha 6
Web miesta www.galerienativ.cz

Akshaya in her exploration of intentional migration and its social, emotional, cultural and even ecological consequences has made maps an ubiquitous part of her practice. From creating memory maps that have a narrative, to the territorial deformation of found cadastral maps in ways that challenge the borders and spaces these maps depict.

As someone speaking of architecture with no formal training in architecture, she brings forth a narrative with her artistic viewpoint. Having called more than a handful of cities ‘home’ in her life, for her the urban architecture that forms the city extends beyond the structures. The society with all its social space and lack thereof becomes a vital element. Within the space of Nativ gallery she attempts to explore the social and the ecological of urban existence with the help of deconstructed maps and plants that react to tactility.



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