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Live From Klunkerkranich: Afar + Martha Van Straaten + more Berlin, Klunkerkranich po 30. 3. 2020 19:00 Live From Klunkerkranich: Afar + Martha Van Straaten + more
Bobby Rausch (Album Release) + Afar Berlin, Urban Spree št 23. 1. 2020 20:00 Bobby Rausch (Album Release) + Afar
Afar + Andi Otto Berlin, Kantine am Berghain str 13. 2. 2019 20:00 Afar + Andi Otto


Afar  Where Is Utarlega?  Afar – Where Is Utarlega? 5:03 3 ×

Info o umelcovi Afar

After weeks and months of isolated selfmade recordings at an inspiring, abandoned house around Berlin and at home, AFAR finished their first Album. And due to the unlimted fellow believers at Drosssel this mesmerizing, conceptional journey will be saved on vinyl.This will be the very first time of performing their debut album live. Andi is a audiophil researcher for the spiritual energy which can be coded into sound by people, instruments, bodies, and ears.

A unique set of sensors connecting his cello and the computer as one instrument, using the bow as a special interface. The bow is used to play the cello in the traditional way, but it also measure the movement and acceleration of the bow, as well as the applied finger pressure. Merging the organic and electronic, he creates wandering ambient sound spaces up to dance-orientated rythms.


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