A Revolution That Was Not There

Adresa Mińska 25/74, Warszawa
Štítky Improvizácia, Dráma
Vstupné PLN 30–50
Web miesta www.teatrsoho.pl
Dĺžka 90 min
Réžia Justyna Sobczyk

Hrajú: Beata Bandurska, Teresa Foks, Daniel Krajewski, Maja Kowalczyk, Barbara Lityńska, Aleksander Orliński, Martyna Peszko, Maciej Pesta, Aleksandra Skotarek, Magdalena Świątkowska, Piotr Sakowski

The starting point for the performance “Revolution, which was not there” is a protest in the Parliament of people with disabilities and their parents (RON), which began on 18 April and lasted until 27 May 2018. The actors, working with archives consisting of letters, postcards, banners that were created during the 40-day protest, partly by the protesters, as well as by people who sympathized with them, ask questions about the social meaning of what happened in the Sejm, about the image of people with disabilities in Poland, and finally about whether the community of people with disabilities can integrate in a common cause.

The actors ask questions about the boundaries of freedom, social conventions and canons that make people with disabilities obscured by the curtain, thus removing them from the field of visibility.

The performance is a place of tensions between open and hidden, the norm and deviation from it, unspeakable moral criteria and the actors' personal needs and opinions shouted out of the stage.

The performance was produced as part of the Downtown Inclusive Art Center program, carried out by Teatr 21 and the Warsaw Biennale.

Vystupujúci umelci

Experimental, Jazz, FreeJazz, Avant-Garde Jazz


Pokusa  Danioł  Pokusa – Danioł 6:36 2 ×
Pokusa  Arriva  Pokusa – Arriva 5:23 0 ×
Pokusa  Topo  Pokusa – Topo 5:23 3 ×
Pokusa  Babcia Darii  Pokusa - Babcia Darii 6:05 30 ×
Pokusa  Shoshana  Pokusa - Shoshana 3:42 16 ×



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