Adres Nám. Svobody 17, Brno
Strona internetowa www.vyhlidka-cafe.cz

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The music cafe Vyhlídka is located just under the roof of the Dum panu z Lipe (House of the Lords of Lipe) just in the center of the City of Brno. It is a comfortable café opened daily during the working week. The Vyhlidka cafe is suited for everybody looking for interesting interior, quality sound system and a rich bar. With the start of the evening which everybody enjoys through many roof windows, Vyhlidka starts to havethe very intimate atmosphere. Candles on tables are lit and all the lights are set to match their intensity. About 8 pm the dj comes to his position and presents his sets and mixes based on vinyls only… the sets are composed to be cool and mild so that visitors at a table can talk without any problem without disturbing other visitors.


Podaj ulicę, lub najbliższy przystanek, z którego chcesz się dostać na miejsce wydarzenia. Pokażemy Ci najlepsze połączenia.


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