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Teď (vy)točená fest 2020 Veltruby, Hradišťko sb 22.08.2020 09:00 Teď (vy)točená fest 2020
Otvorenie InParku: Konflikt + Vision Days + ďalší Bratislava-Petržalka, InPark śr 1.07.2020 18:00 Otvorenie InParku: Konflikt + Vision Days + ďalší
Vision Days + P.U.M + Rumaska Bratislava – Staré Mesto, Fuga sb 29.02.2020 19:00 Vision Days + P.U.M + Rumaska
Vision Days + Průser + Bez šance Praha 1, Vagon pt 14.02.2020 21:00 Vision Days + Průser + Bez šance
Papagájův Punk 2019: Cool-ch + N.V.Ú. + more Praha 9, Modrá vopice sb 14.12.2019 16:00 Papagájův Punk 2019: Cool-ch + N.V.Ú. + more
Totální nasazení + Vision Days + Deratizéři Brno, Eleven Club pt 15.11.2019 20:00 Totální nasazení + Vision Days + Deratizéři


Vision Days  Ať nám to stojí  Vision Days – Ať nám to stojí 3:02 104 ×
Vision Days  Moderní a veselá  Vision Days – Moderní a veselá 2:18 43 ×
Vision Days  Battlefield  Vision Days – Battlefield 3:50 19 ×
Vision Days  Old Punks  Vision Days – Old Punks 1:56 14 ×
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O Vision Days

Vision Days is a Czech ska punk band from Brněnce. Vision Days beginnings date back to 1990. First, under the name WA: D since 1993 has been called Vision Days playing gothic rock. In this era saw the light of several demo and live recordings (meaning, Noisferatu, 1914, was-What Will be, Look at us, New cult). In 2000, the band released CD gothic Before everything. In 2001, however, Vision Days change the style of the punk rock and a year later released their first CD punk rock Chain from the shed. In subsequent years, Vision Days definitively confirmed the direction of their musical development and uploaded purely punk CD on the hook (2006), Against the Grain (2008) and Viva la irony (2010). In 2009, waive Vision Days tribute to the legendary punk rock band NV Ú. and its 20letému Anniversary Tribute CD to NV Ú. recorded a cover of the song “other man”. The band is from 2000, the festival organizer punkrockového Brněnecfest or Punkovey enema. – Translated by Automatic service

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