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S uBer!

Minione koncerty

uBer! Brno, Music Lab śr 26.04.2017 20:00 uBer!
Michal Prokop & Framus + uBer! Brno, Sono Centre nd 8.11.2015 20:00 Michal Prokop & Framus + uBer!
uBer! + Souperman Brno, Metro Music Bar śr 27.05.2015 uBer! + Souperman
uBer! Brno, Stará Pekárna śr 21.01.2015 20:00 uBer!
uBer! + Shivanam Brno, Sono Centre czw 18.09.2014 19:30 uBer! + Shivanam


Uber!  Motýl  Uber! – Motýl 5:54 4 ×
Uber!  Než  Uber! – Než 3:11 16 ×
Uber!  Zima  Uber! – Zima 3:20 24 ×

O uBer!

Art rock formations, which govern not only the musical passion and a creative and interpretive audacity. The members of this formation has not only musical enthusiasm, and a creative and interpretive audacity, but also friendship and the tune to which it is possible to perceive when intensively live productions of the band. Creation of uBer! It is, with one exception, in the form of text produced poet Jan Skácel “Talisman”, copyright. Songs lyrics focus on communication, transmission of ideas, invoking the sense of evoking a mood. – Translated by Automatic service


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