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S U-Prag

Nadchodzące koncerty

Praha 6, Club 007 Strahov wt 22.12. 19:00 U-Prag

Minione koncerty

Oslava tříletého výročí Kasáren Praha 8, Karlín Barracks 24.06.2020 13:00 Oslava tříletého výročí Kasáren
Gang Ala Basta + U-Prag Praha 1, Lucerna Music Bar 16.01.2020 20:30 Gang Ala Basta + U-Prag
U-Prag + DJ Babe LN Praha 6, Club 007 Strahov 22.12.2019 19:00 U-Prag + DJ Babe LN
Gang Ala Basta + U-Prag Plzeň, Anděl Music Bar 11.12.2019 21:00 Gang Ala Basta + U-Prag
Rock for Churchill 2019 Vroutek, Areál Myslivna 30.08. – 31.08.2019 Rock for Churchill 2019
Povaleč 2019 Valeč, Valeč 1.08. – 3.08.2019 Povaleč 2019


U-Prag  Happy To Have You Back  U-Prag – Happy To Have You Back 4:34 24 ×
U-Prag  Seconds Of Life  U-Prag – Seconds Of Life 3:37 10 ×
U-Prag  Suspicious  U-Prag - Suspicious 4:23 122 ×
U-Prag  Locked In  U-Prag - Locked In 3:42 78 ×
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O U-Prag

The band U-Prag, on the scene since 2002, consists of six musicians with different musical overlaps. In addition to the electronic components are used by a wide range of live instruments and their music no limit’s experiments, which is also reflected in their new album “the Seconds of Life”, which is based in December 2015. To his credit has yet to compile a “Work 2002-2007” summarizing the creation of the first five years, and the debut album “44 thousand actors in 16 flats” from 2009. Since its inception played over 160 concerts in the Czech Republic but also in Slovakia and in Germany, and is currently preparing to tour for the new album. – Translated by Automatic service


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