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Toy Exhibition

Miejsce Toy Museum
Adres Jiřská 6, Praha 1

Exhibition located at two floors of unique old European and American toys. You can find there exposed wooden and metallic toys, dolls, teddy bears, horse-drawn carriage rides, cars, motorcycles, airplanes, airships, paddle steamers, ocean-going ships, railway children with all accessory buildings with animals, zoo with exotic animals, circus and several hundreds of Barbie dolls.

In seven halls on two floors there are exposed toys from the age of Ancient Greece to the present. There is also a display of a filmmaker and cartoonist Ivan Steiger and his wooden and tin toys. The showcases at the exhibitions feature traditional Czech toys, including the oldest Märklin train model and its accessories, aeroplanes, trains and cars. An impressive collection of Barbie dolls (full name is Barbie Millicent Roberts) follows the very beginning of their whole history and evolution of fashion over the years.

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