The Silver Spoons

Alternatywa/Indie, Rock Czechy, Wielka Brytania
S The Silver Spoons

Nadchodzące koncerty

Mohelnice, Morava Camp Mohelnice 25.06. – 26.06.2021 Fingers Up 2021
Český Brod, Atletický stadion Český Brod 21.08.2021 12:30 Brod 1995

Minione koncerty

Studnice fest 2020 Hlinsko v Čechách, Areál Cihelka 31.07. – 1.08.2020 Studnice fest 2020
The Silver Spoons na Vltavě Praha, Občanská plovárna 23.07.2020 18:30 The Silver Spoons na Vltavě
Fingers Up 2020 Mohelnice, Morava Camp Mohelnice 27.06.2020 Fingers Up 2020
The Silver Spoons Praha 1, Rock Café 14.02.2020 20:00 The Silver Spoons
Rock For People 2019 Hradec Králové – Věkoše, Festivalpark Hradec Králové 4.07. – 6.07.2019 Rock For People 2019
Sziget Party: The Silver Spoons + I Love You Honey Bunny + Bratři Praha 10, Café V lese 15.05.2019 19:30 Sziget Party: The Silver Spoons + I Love You Honey Bunny + Bratři


The Silver Spoons  He's Got My Money Now  The Silver Spoons – He's Got My Money Now 4:10 242 ×
The Silver Spoons  Lucy  The Silver Spoons – Lucy 3:44 449 ×
The Silver Spoons  If I wrote you a letter  The Silver Spoons – If I wrote you a letter 2:26 250 ×
The Silver Spoons  Tainted colours  The Silver Spoons – Tainted colours 5:32 145 ×

O The Silver Spoons

The Silver Spoons is indie rock band that originated from Great Britain, but currently resides in the Czech Republic. For the first time appeared on the music scene relatively recently in 2012. The band consists of three brothers and their sister. – Translated by Automatic service


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