Moving Station – JOHAN

Moving Station – JOHAN

Adres Koperníkova 56, Plzeň
Strona internetowa

Aktualny program spektakli teatralnych

Wybrane przez nas
Wybrane przez nas

Opis miejsca

In the fall of 2000 the Centre of JOHAN * launched rescue and cultural-social revitalisation of the station building. And so we started to build an open communication space of the Moving station *. The main objective of this project is to create an open space for alternative artistic achievements – creative workshops, festivals, performances, exhibitions, performance art, happenings, concerts. Moving station is also a space for meeting, confrontation and communication between creators, scopes and types of art work. There are discussions, lectures, discussion and public dialogue. – Translated by Automatic service


Podaj ulicę, lub najbliższy przystanek, z którego chcesz się dostać na miejsce wydarzenia. Pokażemy Ci najlepsze połączenia.

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