Macbeth – Too Much Blood

Adres Anenské náměstí 5, Praha 1
Tagi Dramat
Wstęp 150–350 CZK
Strona wydarzenia…
Długość 110 min
Reżyser David Jařab
Język English friendly
Premiera 7. 4. 2017
Autor DJ/Shakespeare


„Fuck me or kill him!“

Evil isn’t born in the dark cauldron, but grows out of reluctance to admit to themselves and around what we can satisfy. And there, where the natural desire for happiness cannot be satisfied, the desire for power comes. Power, which allows us to take revenge for our own trauma and feelings of inferiority.

A variation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, in which quite we don’t know if the action takes place in the past, the present or near future. We don’t know if we’re coming in to old models, when "men were men", "women, women" and who wanted power and money, he must have splashed with blood, and we look to the future, where the sophistication, tact and empathy withdraw to the lowest instincts.

The world of Macbeth speaks the universal language, in which, however, is no room for philosophical thoughts. Language that names the reality simply and inexorably. To understand in this world you just need one language and few words.


Praha 1, Na zábradlí Theatre wt 19.02. 19:00 Macbeth – Too Much Blood
Praha 1, Na zábradlí Theatre śr 20.03. 19:00 Macbeth – Too Much Blood

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