Sypka Gallery

Sypka Gallery

Adres Údolní 70, Brno
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Exhibition activity of Gallery Sypka (Granary) is located in a former Baroque granary, that served for many years as an industrial warehouse grain and after the change of storage technology it was abandoned and then decided to condemn. The oldest discovered date on the rafters comes from 1721 and it is related to roof repairs. The building was economic hinterland of nearby chateau Osova and it has always been an important dominate in the landscape of the surrounding area.

Since 1985, the object had been gradually restored and adapted for exhibition use and since 1990 it serves as a gallery for the presentation of contemporary art – and it works as one always in the summer exhibition season from May to September. Since 1991 he has organized exhibitions in collaboration with Atelier Granary. Besides the exhibition activities it presents throughout the season special events on the border of artistic, theatrical and musical performances.


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