Studio Alta

Studio Alta

Adres Sokolovská 24/136, Praha 8 – Karlín
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Studio Alta has been since 2007 an independent space for various forms of the new theatre with a special emphasis on contemporary dance and movement theatre. It works as a unique platform that connects professional theatre and rehearsal space with community activities as well as shows for children. We provide support for artists in the process of creation, presentation and artist’s further education.

In Studio Alta, we managed to create a genuinely open theatre space that does not fall under the influence of a single artistic person but collaborates with the majority of outstanding groups or individuals from the new theatre field.

Studio Alta is operated by ALT@RT, civic association. Apart from running the theatre and rehearsal space, ALT@RT activities also include organisation of festivals, seminars, movement workshops and co-production service of theatre and dance projects.


Podaj ulicę, lub najbliższy przystanek, z którego chcesz się dostać na miejsce wydarzenia. Pokażemy Ci najlepsze połączenia.

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