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Elektroniczna, Jazz Wielka Brytania
S Stuart McCallum

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Stuart McCallum & band Praha 3 – Žižkov, Palac Akropolis pon 30.04.2012 19:30 Stuart McCallum & band


Stuart McCallum  La Cigale (live)  Stuart McCallum – La Cigale (live) 8:36 108 ×
Stuart McCallum  dR Doctor  Stuart McCallum - dR Doctor 5:22 89 ×
Stuart McCallum  Vital Space (live)  Stuart McCallum - Vital Space (live) 5:50 25 ×
Stuart McCallum  Lament for levenshulme  Stuart McCallum - Lament for levenshulme 6:55 13 ×
Stuart McCallum  Part 3 (live)  Stuart McCallum - Part 3 (live) 4:48 12 ×

O Stuart McCallum

McCallum describes his music as jazz, alternative, in which the old forms of encounter with the procedures of DJ culture and ambient. “It's like meeting The Cinematic Orchestra with Brian Eno and Miles Davis in the era of Silent Way In,” the Guardian wrote about creating a musician who has had three studio albums – Echo Architect (2006), Stuart McCallum (2009) and Distillation (2011). Its name refers to a method with which McCallum creates music. His compositions played with musicians, the best moments then “distilled” from the recordings and worked with them at the next assembly, and so round, until it is completely satisfied.

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