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Pražský Drum&bass Festival 2020 Praha 7, Cross Club 21.08. – 23.08.2020 Pražský Drum&bass Festival 2020
Screenshot by: Sta Praha 1 – Petrská čtvrť, Screenshot sb 15.08.2020 22:00 Screenshot by: Sta
Tetris: Proud DayNight Praha 7, Wildt sb 8.08.2020 16:00 Tetris: Proud DayNight
Hausbot: Petr K + DJ Sta + Vanko Praha 1, Bukanyr Boat sb 1.08.2020 23:00 Hausbot: Petr K + DJ Sta + Vanko
Deep Beat Avantgarde: Sta & guest Praha 7, Cross Club pon 23.03.2020 20:00 Deep Beat Avantgarde: Sta & guest
Deep Beat Avantgarde: Sta + guests Praha 7, Cross Club pon 24.02.2020 20:00 Deep Beat Avantgarde: Sta + guests


Sta  (live)  Sta – (live) 5:53 334 ×
Sta  (Dj Set)  Sta – (Dj Set) 2:19:33 31 ×

O Sta (Stantha)

Stantha DJ with turntables meets for the first time ever in mid-2006. With a friend begin as Tekka djs. Acquired its own resident night at the O2 bar. After some time, the Tekka djs broke, coincidentally at the time, get to know DJ Sayuze, which is jointly organized by the new Rollingbass night. Approximately four months of the same name founded crew. The Rollingbass invite leading Czech DJs (ImCyber, Reverb, Beast67 etc.)'s parties held at different clubs in Prague (Bordo, Matrix, BUNKR). Some parties were held with foreign participation (Crossfire, Craggz, Dub Tao …). In mid-2008 for personal reasons from Rollingbass crew leaves.

We currently organized under the auspices of DnB Night Fever crew Residents Culture Shock in Prague club Chapeau Rouge. Where are inviting the world’s leading producers (commix, Spectrasoul, Total Science, Phace …) During his DJ career had the opportunity to play alongside djs such as Shy FX, commix, Calibre, Marcus Intalex, Spectrasoul, Total Science. Teebee, Black Sun Empire, Aphrodite, Limewax, Crossfire, Benny Page, Subterra, Survival Craggz … and played in various clubs throughout the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Germany and the Netherlands.


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