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Mighty Sounds 2019 Sezimovo Ústí, Letiště u Čápova dvora 12.07. – 14.07.2019 Mighty Sounds 2019
Mighty Sounds 2013 Sezimovo Ústí, Letiště u Čápova dvora 19.07. – 21.07.2013 Mighty Sounds 2013


Spicy Roots  Coconut  Spicy Roots – Coconut 3:40 9 ×
Spicy Roots  Always Together  Spicy Roots – Always Together 3:28 4 ×
Spicy Roots  Ska Fever  Spicy Roots – Ska Fever 2:44 4 ×

O Spicy Roots

Spicy Roots brilliantly mix the Jamaican ska and rocksteady with elements of pop, which is especially noticeable in strong, melodic tunes not unlike The British Hotknives. On their tour traveled to Europe and Japan for example. His time in the Czech Republic went quite often and have to say that since undergone an incredible transformation and perfectly developed. – Translated by Automatic service


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