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S Spectrasoul

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Milovice, Letiště Milovice 5.08. – 7.08.2021 Let It Roll 2021

Minione wydarzenia

Let It Roll On Tour Slovakia Bratislava – Ružinov, Refinery Gallery sb 23.11.2019 20:00 Let It Roll On Tour Slovakia
Let It Roll 2019 Milovice, Letiště Milovice 1.08. – 4.08.2019 Let It Roll 2019
Bassfuzja: Spectrasoul + Wobler + inni Warszawa, Jasna 1 pt 1.02.2019 23:00 Bassfuzja: Spectrasoul + Wobler + inni
Let It Roll 2018 Czech Republic, Czech Republic 2.08. – 4.08.2018 Let It Roll 2018
Liquid Flights: Spectrasoul + Dark0 + more Praha 7, Cross Club sb 16.12.2017 20:00 Liquid Flights: Spectrasoul + Dark0 + more
Let It Roll 2017 Milovice, Letiště Milovice 3.08. – 6.08.2017 Let It Roll 2017


SpectraSoul  Hearts  SpectraSoul - Hearts 4:38 37 ×
SpectraSoul  No Doubt  SpectraSoul - No Doubt 4:25 21 ×
SpectraSoul  Ben  SpectraSoul - Ben 3:56 11 ×
SpectraSoul  Memento  SpectraSoul - Memento 5:05 1 ×
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O Spectrasoul

Spectrasoul can include the musical chameleon in a good way. The extent of their production ranges from deep, liquid through to the mainstream quality drum’n’bass. List of publishers, who snapped a pair for at least one release is long and may appoint such Alibi on Critical Music, Melodies at Exit Rec. or Guardian on Metalheadz. However, I feel at home at Shogun Audio, under which the last time they released hits like Light In The Dark or Away With Me. – Translated by Automatic service


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