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Haxna + Soustrast Plzeň, Divadlo pod lampou sb 4.03.2017 20:00 Haxna + Soustrast
Trautenberk + Soustrast Plzeň, Divadlo pod lampou pt 16.12.2016 20:30 Trautenberk + Soustrast
Interloud + Concrete + Paralyzer + Soustrast Praha 3, Kain sb 12.03.2016 20:00 Interloud + Concrete + Paralyzer + Soustrast
Soustrast Praha 3, Kain śr 16.12.2015 20:00 Soustrast
Soustrast + Smooshface + Justin Lavash Praha 1, Rock Café śr 10.06.2015 20:00 Soustrast + Smooshface + Justin Lavash
Against The Wall + guest: Soustrast Praha 1, Rock Café śr 25.02.2015 20:00 Against The Wall + guest: Soustrast


Soustrast  O mrtvejch  Soustrast – O mrtvejch 3:33 220 ×
Soustrast  Do nebe ne  Soustrast – Do nebe ne 4:10 207 ×

O Soustrast

Czech music band Soustrast was formed relatively recently in 2012. The basis of the joint projects condolences Noise Gate with vocals Joe Toužimského (today Arakain) and the age-old, currently in use, the name of Condolence. Guitar Miloš manages Knopp (William Cok Bypass and continue to be active and teammate Ales Brichta). Singing Thomas Hare. The bass plays Richard Tomíček coming band with Dana Horyna Merlin and the drums is established Jan Podzimek (Vilem Cok and Bypass). In the past, the band was invited as Support bands Arakain, Škwor, Krucipüsk and several performances took place before Lou Fanánek. With condolences to meet up at festivals such as Rock Lipnice 2012, Sázava fest 2012th – Translated by Automatic service


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