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Shield Patterns + Ba:Zel Praha 3 – Žižkov, Palac Akropolis czw 2.04.2015 19:30 Shield Patterns + Ba:Zel


Shield Patterns  Dust Hung Heavy  Shield Patterns - Dust Hung Heavy 4:05 66 ×
Shield Patterns  Carve The Dirt  Shield Patterns - Carve The Dirt 4:40 38 ×
Shield Patterns  The Rule  Shield Patterns - The Rule 4:32 22 ×
Shield Patterns  Dead Air  Shield Patterns - Dead Air 5:01 14 ×
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O Shield Patterns

Duo Shield Patterns was founded in 2003 and has happened to shoot the four boards. They have music for dance performances, theater, television or radio, and the Park throughout Europe, Africa, or America. Live performances on Midaircondo improvisations and in the same way films and their boards. The exception is the current named Roman by four originated. “We are able to enter into the world of sounds, which we have never been able to consciously devise.” explains Lisa and Lisen. A trip into the world of unorthodox vision projects Shield Patterns and Midaircondo promises 2. April in the Palace Akropolis really intense experience. Don’t miss the April continuation of Music Infinity. – Translated by Automatic service


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