Scheisse Minnelli

Metal, Punk, Rock Niemcy, USA
S Scheisse Minnelli

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Mighty Sounds 2015 Sezimovo Ústí, Letiště u Čápova dvora 3.07. – 5.07.2015 Mighty Sounds 2015


Scheisse Minnelli  Henry, Hank, Simone  Scheisse Minnelli - Henry, Hank, Simone 2:02 4 ×
Scheisse Minnelli  Skate A Holic  Scheisse Minnelli - Skate A Holic 4:28 2 ×
Scheisse Minnelli  Street Boozin'  Scheisse Minnelli - Street Boozin' 2:51 1 ×

O Scheisse Minnelli

Scheisse Minnelli is half a half-two Germans and two Californians. On credit have 450 concerts, toured Europe, the United States, but also to Asia, four full slabs and pile their split EP’s, sedmipalců and compilations. The last Panel with name Sorry Satte Of Affairs came under the heading of Destiny Records in cooperation with the Rock Star Records for Europe and for us Records Beanies. On recent albums is focused primarily on Minnelli Scheisse sound and arrangements and songs were trying to improve on perfection. – Translated by Automatic service

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