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Rickolus + support: Důlní pes Praha 6, Potrvá śr 29.05.2019 19:00 Rickolus + support: Důlní pes
Rickolus + support: Světlo Praha 6, Potrvá czw 7.09.2017 19:00 Rickolus + support: Světlo
Rickolus Plzeň, Anděl Music Bar śr 6.09.2017 20:00 Rickolus
Rickolus Brno, Cabinet of the Muses wt 5.09.2017 19:00 Rickolus
Rickolus Olomouc, Jazz Tibet Club pon 4.09.2017 20:00 Rickolus
Astronautalis + support: Rickolus Praha 1, Lucerna Music Bar nd 29.11.2015 21:00 Astronautalis + support: Rickolus


Rickolus  Underground  Rickolus – Underground 4:20 41 ×
Rickolus  Destroyer  Rickolus – Destroyer 4:55 32 ×
Rickolus  Flying Carpet  Rickolus – Flying Carpet 4:54 16 ×
Rickolus  Smaller Heart  Rickolus – Smaller Heart 4:20 11 ×
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O Rickolus

RickoLus belongs to a family of Four as well as the Fake record label, for example. Astronautalis (with whom he has a longstanding friendship, common, in addition to a seven-inch single, and the song “The Globe” on a Measure Astronautalisově the album “This Is Our Science”, whose author is just RickoLus), Sole, Ceschi, Bus Driver, Bleubird and more … “Folkovější” branch of the Fake Four, entitled the Circle Into Square, offers the perfect home for his RickoLusovi dylanovské songwriting. The Debut of the “Youngster” from the year 2010 still carries an electronic tinge and admits the inspiration Pinback, three years older 2 CD “Troubadour” (in particular, the second disc titled “Roads”) he returns to acoustic folk roots. “I didn't want to do,” he says on the 2LP “Troubadour” RickoLus. “But I got a bit of a steal and I finally found out that I have about a thousand songs. I tried to get in it and reduce it to a number of únosnej, but my wife said to me: ´ fuck it and give dvoualbum. ´ I did it. ” – Translated by Automatic service


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