Prague Cello Quartet

Muzyka Klasyczna Czechy
S Prague Cello Quartet

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Český Brod, T. J. Sokol Český Brod przełożone Prague Cello Quartet

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Prague Cello Quartet Plzeň, Stará synagoga v Plzni nd 16.08.2020 20:00 Prague Cello Quartet
Prague Cello Quartett Praha 1, Kostel svatého Šimona a Judy pon 27.04.2020 19:30 Prague Cello Quartett
Prague Cello Quartet Brno, Sono Centre śr 11.03.2020 19:00 Prague Cello Quartet
Prague Cello Quartet Ostrava, Ostrava House of Culture sb 22.02.2020 19:00 Prague Cello Quartet
Prague Cello Quartet Plzeň, Divadlo J. K. Tyla: Velké divadlo nd 16.02.2020 19:00 Prague Cello Quartet
Prague Cello Quartet Jeseník, Congress Hall – Priessnitz Curative Spa nd 2.02.2020 17:00 Prague Cello Quartet


Prague Cello Quartet  The Phantom Of The Opera  Prague Cello Quartet – The Phantom Of The Opera 4:12 369 ×
Prague Cello Quartet  Viva La Vida  Prague Cello Quartet – Viva La Vida 3:50 263 ×

O Prague Cello Quartet

Prague Cello Quartet debuted in the fall of 2006 in Prague Palace Žofín on performances for several hundred people. Unexpectedly great success motivate members to other work. Each player file at the same time became the arranger, because for this unique group in the Czech Republic is currently the only professional, has been composed so far minimum repertoire. The advantage of the treatment options are cello pieces whose size is very close to the human voice and covers both the bass range, and high violin position.

Today, these cellists mostly students of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Their repertoire, created favorite songs both from each member and also on various listeners desire or requirement on various occasions, including almost all modern music trends-from jazz to metal film, but also editing works great composers of classical music. The main driving force behind this quartet is a need to create, and the original, immediately, with joy and quality, as proven by the numerous awards obtained by individual members of the international competitions. – Translated by Automatic service


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