Polite Sleeper Solo

Folk, Alternatywa/Indie USA www.politesleeper.com
S Polite Sleeper Solo


Polite Sleeper  Lake Effect  Polite Sleeper – Lake Effect 1:45 32 ×
Polite Sleeper  West Side High  Polite Sleeper – West Side High 2:58 59 ×
Polite Sleeper  Eleven Months  Polite Sleeper - Eleven Months 4:35 54 ×

O Polite Sleeper Solo

Polite Sleeper is an American indie folk band, which previously had three musicians. Over time, however, this band was a solo project of guitarist and vocalist Jason Orloviche. From his power and atmosphere but with the gradual decline of the members of this group did not lose anything and still performs a full show. – Translated by Automatic service

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