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Alternativa 2014: Polar Bear + Kaze + Laurie Amat Praha 1 – Malá Strana, Malostranská beseda pt 14.11.2014 20:00 Alternativa 2014: Polar Bear + Kaze + Laurie Amat


Polar Bear  Be Free  Polar Bear - Be Free 4:44 97 ×
Polar Bear  Life And Life  Polar Bear - Life And Life 6:42 48 ×
Polar Bear  Sometimes  Polar Bear - Sometimes 7:54 23 ×

O Polar Bear

Polar Bear received a nomination for the Mercury Music Prize for the plate Held On The Tips Of Fingers and the new year for a plate In Each and Every One. The creation of the group led by budbeníkem Sebem Rochfordem (Paul McCartney, Brian Eno, Beck, Yoko Ono) exceeds the genres and blends jazz, rock, hip-hop and electronics.

In Each And Every One is the long-awaited fifth album, and it is certainly the bravest and the most dynamic what not yet created.A remarkable cycle of songs is getting into all sorts of emotionally stressful positions. – Translated by Automatic service


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